The winner of the very first WAGM speaks to us…

Hello, good evening and hi there! Some of our competitors have already arrived in Croatia and we’re seeing videos and images of the fantastic WAGM course, whilst others will be setting off very soon.

So why not sit back and enjoy an interview with the winner of the very first WAGM – Martin Stöckle.

Hi Martin, thanks for catching up with me as you prep for your trip to Zaton.Please share your memories from the first WAGM in Hastings.

The first WAGM in 2011 was quite special for me, as it was the first time I played an event for Germany even it was unofficial that time.

What got you playing minigolf initially?  

I played several times on holidays on eternit. One day I saw a concrete course first time when I was 9 and saw that people have lots of balls, not only one. It started fascinating me more and I started to play in a club.

How have you been training for the tournament?

We will be practising from Wednesday on and will check balls and lanes.

What are your personal goals for the tournament?

Winning all titles, even my season was not good this year!

What have been you biggest achievements in minigolf?

Winning the title with the German team in 2012 Euro Championship. German champion 2014 and all the WAGM titles!!

Have you ever been given a coaching tip that really improved your game? If so what was it?

To be honest. I can’t remember anything most relevant at the moment. The most important thing is to always look forward, not back!

What are you looking forward to the most?

For the moment, winning the WAGM is priority one. After this I need to practice more to make 2018 a perfect performance with the team and in personally in the Bundesliga.

Would you like to share a non minigolfing fun fact about yourself?

Some years ago I created the Stöckle Move, because of my high dancing qualities 😉 but this is history.

(Perhaps Martin will break this move out whilst we’re in Croatia?!!)

Apart from yourself – Who do you think will be the competitors to watch?

I don’t know all the players but guess Austria, Sweden and Germany will compete for the title.

Thank you for your time Martin, have a great tournament!

Here’s Martin in Hastings England…


Photo – Marion Homer

Well, thanks again for dropping in, not long to go now and it will be busy busy busy!

See you around!


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