The lull before the storm…

So here we are, mid July and the teams for the WAGM (Click here for the list ) and World Championships (Click here for the list) have been announced.

Right now, in all of these countries, tough team selection decisions are being made, team kit is being ordered and final travel preparations are put into place.

I will be highlighting the USA team in the next few weeks, finding out how they make their selections, and what sort of preparations are required to bring a squad over to Croatia from the US.

Poland are returning to The World Championships after a long break, and we’ll be speaking to the team spokesman Maciej Madrowski very soon.

We want to know how you decide which minigolf balls a team chooses to take to an international tournament – there are, after all, hundreds to pick from!  Leave a comment in the comment section below this post!


Do you have a minigolf nickname? If so, tell us about it – where did it originate from? Or is this, as I suspect, just a British thing?!!

Simon, Alberto and I will be the subject of an interview after the tournaments for Minigolf News, and we are going to be working with Minigolf News over the coming months to ensure you all get to see and here what’s going on.

If you would like your team to be featured here, and at the tournament, contact me at, or leave me a message in the comment section below and I’ll be in touch.

I look forward to getting to know more about you all in the coming weeks, but until then, happy putting!

Marion (Double Trouble) Homer


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