Minigolfing in Croatia, Part Three

Hey there, happy July! Can you believe we’re another month closer to The Croatian adventure?!

This week Simon, Alberto and I have been discussing how we’re going to cover the two events in September. I know when GB are taking part, I can’t resist keeping up with the scores and it can be a very tense day at work, so our aim is to bring the tournament to you – whether you’re actually there in person, or watching from another part of this wonderful planet of ours.

I also caught up with Alberto, the Italian part of our merry band of three, and I found out what got him into minigolfing and his plans for the tournaments in September…

Alberto Pirovano-Italy 🇮🇹  44 years old from Monza,

“I started playing minigolf sport many years ago in 1984, after two years of summertime golf played in Sanremo, where my brother and I usually spent our evenings playing minigolf too.

In 1985 we followed the Elite European championships at our home course in Monza and we fell in love with minigolf sport. That year was also great for our career, in fact my brother and I with another young player won the Italian junior team championships.

In 1989, at only 16 years old I won the Italian Master championships, where after one year of tournaments, the best 20 players were qualified. (The youngest player in the competition, winning another three times). Three times I won the Italian championships with my team (2004, 2006, 2010) and four times I won the Italian ranking too.

My life and my passion for minigolf crossed again when in 1997, my father, my family and our company decided to build a minigolf indoor course in Vedano. An important economical sacrifice but after 20 years we are very happy to have done it. Every year we organize a night marathon with players and pairs from more than 15 countries and this is the best moment for us; we spend more than six months making the tournament perfect.

I’m an architect and at the same time the manager of our sport center in Vedano. I have great job satisfaction but also great responsibility. This means I don’t have as much time now for minigolf aa I want to spend time with my great family. I play some important tournaments and I try to give my support to our minigolf team of MC Monza.

I have spent time at international championships as a player, coach, head coach, manager and spectator so I will try to do my best in Croatia 🇭🇷 to promote our sport and to make all the people interested in this event happy.”

For those of you who don’t yet know Alberto – here’s a photo…don’t forget to say hello when you see him in September! Alberto covered the Grand Prix in June at Zaton resort, so Simon and I will be relying on him to show us around!


It’s the British Open in Hastings next weekend, the last major of the GB calendar, and a number of our International friends are going to be there, I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up with some to find out their thoughts, ahead of the WAGM and Championships.

Please share this with your friends and through your social media outlets, it would be great to get to as many minigolfers as we can, and maybe give an insight into our world to those friends who don’t play!

So for another week, I’ll bid you a fond farewell,






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