Minigolfing and an introduction

Well hello there, thanks for popping in!

So it’s been a funny few weeks as I’ve competed in The World Crazy Golf Champs at Hastings (if you live in the South East, I briefly appeared on the ITV Meridian article, peering round a lighthouse, and my snazzy sock and foot were in another shot!) It was a crazy weekend, very busy with some highs – a PB of 33, and also a crushing low of 43 too. And as if that wasn’t enough, I then accompanied Freebird to The Czech Republic as he was competing in The Czech Masters!

I could take all the time here talking about the tournament, the international friendships and great atmosphere, but I’ve got introductions to make!

This week I’m introducing you to the first of The Three Amigos – Simon Levander, whom you’ll meet in Croatia.

Simon Levander – Sweden 🇸🇪

Simon is 23 years old from Sweden, and has just graduated from college with a bachelor in international marketing.

He got into minigolf nine years ago, starting in 2008. He played a lot of golf with his father at young age and got into the atmosphere. He was supposed to get into golf, but didn’t have the patience for all the different techniques, so in the end went for the thing he was best on, the putting. That’s how he started with minigolf.

With his marketing-minded background Simon is looking forward to use the skills he has been studying. To practically use those skills in Croatia during WAGM and WC will be a dream for Simon, as it combines everything he has been doing for the last couple of years.

Simon says “The opportunity to meet new people and create a more international network will also be so cool and useful. I hope this experience will be with me for the rest of my life.”

So you will recognise him in Croatia, here’s a photo:-



(Simon’s on the right!!)

I asked Simon to give me an fun fact about himself that wasn’t related to minigolf, and apparently he can do one-handed push ups ‘with ease’, can’t wait for everyone to see that demonstrated in Zaton, Simon!

In other news, Poland are coming back to the Champs after an absence of four years, so I’ll be chatting to Maciej Madrowski in the coming weeks.

If you would like to share your thoughts as you prep for September, drop me a line, we’d love to hear from you! (

Next week, a focus on another of the Three Amigos, including a fun fact, but until then, happy putting!



The adventure begins

So there I was, looking at an uncertain employment landscape and not sure what the next year will hold, feeling unsure and slightly scared, when a post appeared on my Facebook timeline that changed everything…

The Sports Director of the World Minigolf Federation, Pasi Aho advertised for a Social Media Reporter to cover the World Adventure Golf Masters and World Championships in Zaton Holiday Resort, Croatia. Excitement seeped into my core and I knew I wanted that job!

My approach to this role was no different to approaching any prospective job, I researched and thought heavily about previous experience, pouring it into the email to Pasi. I am very lucky to have been involved in the British Minigolf scene for over ten years, and in that time I’ve taken hundreds of photos, used Twitter, Facebook and my club’s forum (Kent Minigolf Club), as well as having been a press and marketing coordinator as a day job, so I felt I stood a chance.

I got the job! I am going to Croatia in September as part of a three person team to cover both tournaments, and I cannot wait. My team mates are Alberto Piroveno, an Italian dude from Monza, and Simon Levander, a graduate from Sweden. We already have a Whatsapp group that has been buzzing with ideas, and Alberto has already been to the resort to cover the Grand Prix, getting a sense of the layout, and more importantly, wifi spots! Our official ‘Staff’ t shirts are ordered and flights have been booked.

Ideally, I’d like to feature a few competitors as they prepare for the events in September, but I’d also like to feature the supporting members of the teams – the coaches and nutritionists too. I’ll be writing all of my features in English, please bear this in mind!

If you’d like to be featured please email me at and over the coming weeks I’ll ‘interview’ you as you get ready for what will be an amazing experience for all of us!